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360° Storytelling Platform

GoJourni empowers storytellers with an immersive, choose-your-own-adventure style toolset. Our creators leverage virtual reality, 360° video, and traditional media to craft and share their empathetic narratives through a new storytelling medium: the Journi.

Your Story, Your Narrative, Their Adventure

Our platform enables the crafting of immersive, multi-layered stories (or “Journi”) for each aspect of your business. These stories converge in a single, compelling narrative through which your audience engages and explores your brand. As they progress through the Journi, their choices and interactions shape a unique, personalized view of your business.

What stories are we currently building?

  • Virtual Tours Virtual Tours
  • Cinematic Experiences Cinematic Experiences
  • Sensory Therapy Sensory Therapy
  • Nonprofit Engagement Nonprofit Engagement

Create A Captivating 360° Branded Experience

How it Works

The flexibility of virtual reality capabilities means you can engage early adopters with the headset experience, and still reach those who prefer to engage in 360° experiences straight from their phone without any additional equipment. Simply select your experience and move your phone or click and swipe to explore the panoramic view.

To achieve the fully immersive experience, users insert their phone into a cardboard or manufactured headset for a hands free adventure. You can move through the virtual reality laid before your by simply moving your head around a new world.

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