Colleges and Universities

Colleges and Universities

Engage Potential And Enrolled Students

Virtual reality is revolutionizing the way colleges and universities reach and connect with their stakeholders. We want to help institutions transform the way they demonstrate the educational experience and increasing academic capabilities.

 Demo the 360 Web Experience

Showcasing Virginia Tech's Campus Life

Energize Your Recruitment Campaigns and Empower Your Educators

Institutions all over the world are embracing the growing relevancy of virtual reality to their marketing and instructional capabilities. From virtual visits to interactive digital classrooms, educators can widen their reach of knowledge and influence to deliver opportunities to those who may not have previously had access.

Change Up Outreach With Virtual Campus Tours

In the past, conveying the true college experience to potential students and parents online has been limited to statistics, images, and video. Virtual reality has been empowering educational institutions to expand their recruitment initiatives with authentic introductions to their campus, facilities, and educators.

Amplify In-Class Education

Virtual reality can be used for an assortment of in-class applications to demonstrate a complicated subject or process to allow students to reach a real understanding of the task at hand. Envision students in medical school using simulators for precision procedures, conservation biology students exploring more about foreign environments can directly through VR, or history buffs can reliving important moments in history with augmented experiences. The possibilities are endless.

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