Walk A Mile In Someone Else's Shoes

Tapping into the charitable empathy of the masses is one of the nonprofit sector’s biggest challenges. To be able to clearly convey your organization’s purpose and mission through virtual reality can extinguish indifference and ignite the passion within any user’s heart.

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A Day In the Life Of An Apple Ridge Farm Camper

Inspire Conversation Around Your Cause

Whether it's used for fundraising or to simply start a conversation, virtual reality can be the solution to building rapport around your cause. Capturing content that has the ability to demonstrate the challenges others face or the effects your organization has on your community can speak volumes.

Charitable Donations

Virtual reality is evolving the way nonprofits run fundraising campaigns. Instead of distributing messaging that you hope can capture the attention and compassion of your audiences, virtual reality allows your purpose to be front and center, without outside distractions, and a clear, powerful message. Imagine a room full of community leaders at your next fundraising dinner reaching for the cardboard headsets on their table and immediately connecting to the real people you serve. Living a different life if only for a few moments can have lasting effect on the user's empathy and desire to contribute. Now think of taking it a step further and distributing low-cost headsets through the mail and watching the support come flooding in.

Mission-Driven Storytelling

Organizations such as museums or conservation nonprofits can utilize the storytelling capabilities of virtual reality to provide audiences around the world with insight into the treasures your organization works to protect and promote. Whether it's a museum tour or an interactive adventure through a national park, an organization can allow those who formerly did not have access, to explore the wealth of knowledge and passion about your particular purpose.

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