Our Story

We are a team of diverse backgrounds and disciplines but innovation, creative entrepreneurship, and technology lie at the forefront of our uniting passions. We can provide a full stack solution to drive real connectivity through virtual means by immersing users in a 360° environment, but our story reaches much farther than our scope. Our mission to be catalysts for discovery is threaded through every partnership, from the origin of a concept to the moment you strap on the headset.

Meet the Team

Matei Canavra

Matei Canavra Chief Experience Officer

Matei Canavra is a storyteller on the journey to make the world come alive! The fine line between technology, art, and human centered design is where he likes to dance—here he finds the greatest opportunity to connect many hidden universes into a single, constantly unfolding story. At heart, he is an entrepreneur with a passion for lifelong ventures. He believes deep personal connections and a breadth of worldly experiences are the key to success and happiness, so everything he does is aimed at enabling his discovery of the wide world and its people. He can be reached at Matei @ GoJourni . com

Richard Hammer

Richard Hammer Chief Information Officer

Richard Hammer is an executive, enterprise architect, and business process specialist, with 30 years of experience in technology and business. He loves building and directing agile, high velocity teams which develop global, multi-lingual, multi-tenant, multi-platform SaaS offerings. He has a passion for problem solving of any sort and a long term strategic vision. He cares deeply about the people he works with, the community he serves, and the problems he solves. He has worked with VCs and Angels in business plan development and analysis, team building, technology mentoring, and technology / architecture due diligence. He can be reached at Richard @ GoJourni . com